Oral Cancer on the Increase

Free oral cancer check with your local Bromley Dentist.

Despite an ever increasing awareness of health issues, oral cancer is on the rise, with over five thousand people in the UK diagnosed with it each year.

Like many other forms of cancer, early detection is key to effective treatment, yet, due to late detection, over two and a half thousand people die of it each year.

Whilst some lifestyle habits, such as smoking, certainly increase the likelihood of oral cancer, the fact is that it can strike even in non smokers, and at any age.

What are the early signs of oral cancer?

Early potential indications of oral cancers can include signs such as the following:

●     Persistent discomfort or pain in the oral area

●     White or red patches in the mouth or throat

●     Difficulties in swallowing

●     Lump in the throat

●     Weight loss

Whilst these are only possible signs and may have other causes, they should certainly not be ignored and, even if only for your own peace of mind, should be checked as soon as possible.

Free oral cancer checks

To help to ensure that any early potential signs of oral cancer are not missed; at the Smile Dental Practice, we are offering anyone from Bromley, the opportunity to have a FREE oral cancer check at our dental practice. Please download our information flyer here

This offer applies even if you have your own dentist, and does not require you registering with ourselves.

To arrange your FREE oral cancer check with the Smile Dental Practice of Bromley, please call us now on 020 8462 2473 or email us at bromleydentist@gmail.com