Facial Aesthetics

Reducing ageing lines with our Bromley cosmetic team.

Although we are a long established dental practice, known for its excellent care of our patient’s oral health; fewer people in the Bromley area perhaps also know that we are able to help you to reduce those lines and other wrinkles which can give you an ageing appearance. This is done through the use of muscle relaxants and dermal fillers.

Muscle relaxants – ‘Botox’

As we get older, our skin begins to lose some of its elasticity and we start to see signs of lines appearing. These can be lines around the mouth or eyes, sometimes known as crow’s feet. Although moisturising the skin well can help, it will not entirely eliminate this problem, and, consequently, many people turn to muscle relaxants, most commonly Botox, which are available at the Smile Dental Practice in Bromley.

By injecting very small amounts of Botox just under the surface of the skin in the areas needed, the muscles gradually start to relax. By doing so, the lines will start to disappear, giving your skin a smoother appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are administered in a similar manner to muscle relaxants in that they are injected under the skin. Their role though is entirely different. Dermal fillers are used to replace the lost collagen in the skin. It is the collagen that gives a fuller appearance to our facial features and, when this reduces, our lips can appear thinner and our cheeks appear to sag a little more. These, added to any lines and wrinkles that we might have, can certainly make us appear to be older than we actually are.

By injecting a dermal filler into the lips, for example, the lips can be plumped up again, restoring their youthful appearance.

A word about scare stories

We know, from experience, that some patients of the Smile Dental Practice have expressed concerns about these treatments, having read various stories in the tabloids where facial aesthetic procedures have gone very horribly wrong. It is understandable that people should have these concerns, but the reality is that these procedures are entirely safe in the hands of trained professionals such as those at our Bromley Dental Practice.

It is highly likely that procedures that have gone badly wrong were the result of poor work buy inexperienced or unqualified people.

You can be sure that, at the Smile Dental Practice, you will be in good and safe hands, and we are more than happy to discuss any aspect of facial aesthetic treatment with you prior to you making a decision to go ahead with the treatment.

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