A Quick Guide to Looking Younger

Just a few simple procedures at the Smile Dental Practice can knock years off your appearance!

It is probably safe to say, that most of us would probably choose to look a little younger if we could; certainly once we reach that age when lines and wrinkles start to appear on our face, and our lips thin and cheeks start to sag. Whilst eating healthily and not smoking will certainly help with this, age will always catch up with us, and we are then left with the choice of accepting the way that we look, or doing something about it.

For those who wish to take action to make themselves younger looking, here are a few of the treatments available at your convenient Bromley dental practice that will help you to achieve this.

Cosmetic dentistry

There are a few cosmetic dental treatments that will help you to look younger. One factor of ageing is that our teeth start to darken, often taking on a shade of yellow. Those who have smoked in the past may also find that their teeth become badly stained. A teeth whitening procedure is a highly effective method of reversing this discolouration, and is safe, fast acting and affordable.

For more severely stained teeth, or teeth that have suffered a lot of wear and tear, dental veneers can be used to replace the surface enamel.

Facial aesthetics

Although perhaps best known for Botox treatments, there are a number of facial aesthetic treatments available at the Smile Dental Practice, which can improve your skin, making it look younger.

Botox – Botox works by injecting small quantities of the toxin just below the skin, in areas where wrinkles have appeared. It acts by blocking the nerve impulses which are responsible for muscle contraction, and thereby causing the skin to wrinkle.

Dermal Fillers – This is, in effect, a collagen replacement technique and replenishes the elasticity of the skin, ‘tightening’ up the facial features and reducing lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to ‘plump up’ areas of the face that thin when collagen is lost, such as the lips and cheeks.

Chemical peels – This uses a safe chemical solution which is applied to the skin. This allows the old skin to exfoliate, replacing it with the smoother layer underneath it.

Dermal rollers – This roller uses tiny micro-needles and is rolled across the skin on the face. By doing so, tiny puncture holes are made and this enables the body’s own natural system to produce collagen, plumping up the skin and leaving a healthy glow.

Mesotherapy – This is a non surgical cosmetic treatment where vitamins, plant extracts and other ingredients are injected into the subcutaneous fat. This helps to break up localised fat deposits.

If you would like to have younger looking skin but are unsure of which treatment is the most appropriate for you, please call our Bromley facial aesthetics team on 020 8462 2473 to arrange a consultation to discuss a treatment plan with us.