Dental Implants Compared To Bridges

A look at two popular teeth replacement procedures.

If you went onto the streets of Bromley and asked people, at random, to name the most popular tooth replacement procedure, it is likely that the majority would say dentures.

This is not surprising as dentures have certainly been around a very long time, and, to some extent, they have done a good job. Unfortunately, a number of patients also find them uncomfortable and inconvenient and therefore have sought out alternatives.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can certainly offer patients a number of things that dentures can’t. For a start, they are attached much more firmly and therefore are unlikely to move around in the mouth or even fall out, as dentures have been known to do on occasion.

They also offer a good solution to issues with eating as many denture wearers do not feel too confident about eating certain foods.

Despite being a reasonable alternative though, a dental bridge is not without its drawbacks.

Firstly, to ensure that the bridge is firmly attached, preparation needs to be done on the teeth either side of the gap. This ‘preparation’ involves the removal of a sizeable part of what are otherwise healthy teeth. This is not really ideal as, at the Smile Dental Practice in Bromley, we prefer to preserve healthy teeth where possible.

Bridges can also be difficult to clean and great care needs to be taken to ensure that any risk of infection in and around the adjacent gum area is minimised.

Dental Implants

A more secure and long lasting replacement for a missing tooth is, without a doubt, a dental implant.

At our Bromley dental practice, we have placed these for many patients, over the years, with great success.

Although the procedure itself may, to a layperson, seem a little invasive, we can assure you that any discomfort felt should be no more than any other invasive dental procedure. Needless to say, it will be performed using a local anaesthetic too.

What advantages do dental implants offer?

Firstly, once placed and the process completed, the implant should last for twenty five years and often many more; much longer than a dental bridge.

Dental implants offer a strength second to none and patients should be able to eat anything that they wish. Most patients also report that implants both look and feel natural too.

Finally, because a dental implant is the only option which offers an artificial ‘root’, the bone in the jaw will not deteriorate as it would if there were none present. This prevents both facial shape change and also reduces the risk of teeth becoming crooked when this happens.

We understand that some people are cautious about invasive procedures such as dental implants and are here to help with any questions that you may have.

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