The Psychological Benefits of Dental Implants

How dental implants can improve your life in ways you didn’t expect.

If you have lost a tooth, or a number of teeth and are looking at your options as to how best to replace them, you are almost certain to have come across dental implants as one of the options. Whilst dentures and dental bridges will also fulfil this role, it is increasingly acknowledged that dental implants are the best option available for a number of reasons. Not only do they look great, but also replace the natural tooth root, ensuring that the bone structure in the jaw does not degrade in that area.

That is all very well, you may say, from a medical perspective, but what are the main benefits that I will actually notice?


First of all, the most obvious benefit noticeable to our Bromley dental implant patients, is that of appearance. A gap in the teeth is certainly not attractive, especially if it relates to the visible front teeth. Dental implants look entirely natural and the crown can be customised to match the rest of your natural teeth.


Dental implants are very strong, and, in many cases, may be even stronger than your natural teeth. They should also be expected to last for over twenty years, providing that they are taken care of with a good brushing and flossing regime as well as regular visits to see us.

Looking good, feeling good

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of dental implants that patients of the Smile Dental Practice have noted is how they feel about themselves following the implant procedure. Once the implant has fused with the bone and they have started to eat ‘normally’ again, many patients find that they confidence is boosted. Whilst some of this may come from the fact that they have had the gap in the teeth replaced with a new tooth, in the longer term, it is likely that it is simply because they have ceased to be concerned about it.

Unlike dentures, which may become loose and move in the mouth, dental implants are firmly fixed and allow the wearer to carry on with life as if they had a natural tooth. Removing concerns about the security of their replacement teeth, enables people to feel much more confident in social situations which has now also been validated by scientific studies.

It is widely thought that confidence plays a major role in attraction too, and a great smile only adds to that and warms people to others. Recent research has also shown that people with a great smile and a confident personality are more likely to have successful careers and relationships. With new dental implants, this could, perhaps, be you.

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