Seeking Straighter Teeth

Survey shows reasons for people wishing to have their teeth straightened.

At the Smile Dental Practice in Bromley, we have seen many people, over the years, who have come to us for orthodontic treatment. The reasons for this vary  from person to person, but a survey just out (1), reflects what we have heard from our very own patients.

Psycho-social issues

It seems that the great majority (around 85%) of people who have their teeth straightened do so for psycho-social reasons, intended to improve the way that they feel about themselves, for any number of reasons. To break these down further, the main reasons given, which broadly reflect those also given to us by our Bromley patients, include:

Confidence – Around 40% of people look to have their teeth straightened, often using the Invisalign method, to give them a boost in confidence and to help them overcome shyness.

Many people who have uneven teeth have often had them since their teens. As we know, this can be a testing time and peer groups can be ruthless when it comes to finding ‘flaws’ in others. Whilst many do overcome the taunts that are often received during this time of life, for others, the lack of confidence often lingers into their adult life and it’s understandable why many chose to do something about it.

Careers – Anyone wishing to follow a career where their visual appearance is important, whether this be modelling or perhaps a TV presenter where facial features are magnified and visible on the screen, is likely to do all that they can to improve their smile. Even those looking for other jobs though, are likely to benefit from having attractive even teeth, as other studies have shown that a smile is one of the first things that people notice about us.

Relationships – As mentioned above, a great smile is something that attracts people to us and perhaps nowhere is this more important than for those seeking a relationship. With a nicer smile and a confidence boost, the chances of creating a good impression with a date are likely to be enhanced.

Events – For those who have a significant event such as a wedding coming up, looking their best for the big day can be very important. With the increase in the use of social media, it’s not only your own wedding photographs that you will have to remind you of the day, but you can probably expect your images to be beamed around the world to hundreds of others too.

For this reason, having teeth straightened ranks highly, along with teeth whitening, in the quest to have a great smile on the big day.

With the highly discreet Invisalign orthodontics system available to us, we are able to offer our local Bromley dental patients the chance to have even teeth without the practical problems of conventional braces. For more information, or to book a consultation, please call the Smile Dental Practice on 020 8462 2473.