Problems with Eating Whilst Wearing Dental Braces

Having teeth straightened used to be inconvenient .. not any more.

Having teeth straightened using traditional metal braces can be problematic for some patients. There is the issue of having a ‘mouth full of metal’ when you smile, plus the discomfort and diet limiting factors which also add to the patient’s concerns.

Indeed many patients have been known to restrict the types of foods they eat whilst wearing these braces. Anything which has texture, such as meat, for example, is a prime candidate to become stuck in the braces.

As well as any visual embarrassment this might cause, if not removed it can also cause tooth decay and gum disease, to say nothing of antisocial bad breath.

Modern methods

With all of these disadvantages, it is perhaps no surprise that many people choose to simply live with their crooked teeth instead of having them straightened. Thankfully, for patients in the Bromley area who want straighter teeth but aren’t prepared to put up with this method, we offer a new type of adult orthodontic system at the Smile Dental Practice.

By using Invisalign orthodontics, all of the disadvantages of traditional braces are addressed. There is no embarrassment factor as the orthodontics are made from a transparent material that fits directly over the teeth and is almost invisible to the casual observer.

There is no excuse for food to become stuck in them as they are designed to be removed when eating. It is important though to clean your teeth and the orthodontic appliance before returning them to the mouth. Finally, because they are removable, you can eat absolutely anything that you would normally eat.

Social life

These beneficial factors of Invisalign braces mean that many people who use them feel free to live their life as they did before. Unlike metal brace wearers, who sometimes may become more self conscious and avoid social situations to a degree, Invisalign wearers find that they do not need to restrict their social life.

For example, for those seeking a partner, if you are going on a date, you might wish to remove the orthodontics if it makes you feel more comfortable. We don’t recommend that you make a habit of this though as continual removal will slow down the teeth straightening process and extend the time it takes.

If you live in Bromley and would like to take advantage of this fantastic modern system for straightening teeth, please call the Smile Dental Practice on 020 8462 2473 to arrange an initial consultation where we will discuss the procedure in more detail with you.