Children's Dentist in Bromley

Do you find that your child does not like seeing the dentist? Do you want your children to look after their teeth? Would you like to help your children build an oral health programme that will last a lifetime? We believe that with our help your children can learn the value of looking after those tiny gnashers.

You are never too young to look after your teeth and it is our goal to teach your children how to do so correctly. Using our team of preventative dental nurses, dental hygienist and the dentist each child’s programme is customised for their needs. We look at your child’s age, developmental abilities and work with your children in a fun, engaging and educational way.

Our goals are for kids to:
  • Have fewer cavities and gum infections
  • Have more self-confidence and improved self-esteem
  • Are prepared for dental treatments
  • Have parents who are more involved
  • End up with fewer dental-related phobias
  • Gain a positive dental outlook that lasts a lifetime!


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