Month: January 2016

Looking For An NHS Dentist in Bromley?

The Smile Dental Practice offers private, Denplan and NHS dental care. At our Bromley dental practice, we see a variety of patients from many different parts of the local area and society. Their needs differ from person to person too,

Professional Dental Cleaning With Our Bromley Hygienist

Visiting a dental hygienist results in better looking and healthier teeth. There was a time when you simply visited your local dentist to have your teeth checked and possibly filled or extracted, if needed. Modern dental care though has, over

Breaking a Tooth

Smile Dental Practice Bromley

Causes and Dental Restoration Options. A tooth can break for any number of reasons, often associated with teeth that have been weakened and compromised through poor oral care. A tooth that is weakened through decay, for example, is more prone

The Dental Implant Procedure – Q&A

Our Bromley dentist answers your implant questions. Over the years, we’ve  understandably had lots of questions asked about dental implants, so, hopefully as a handy guide, we thought we would start 2016 with a look at some of the more