Month: December 2015

Dental New Year Resolutions

Our Bromley dentist suggests a few ideas for better oral health in 2016. Within a few days, most of us will be sitting down to eat far more than we usually do, and probably over indulging in drink and ‘unhealthy’

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

Prompt action can be the key to saving a damaged tooth. A dental emergency can strike for any given number of reasons. Generally speaking though, it will be the result of a toothache caused by decay or an underlying problem

Strong and Healthy Teeth from a Young Age

How you can help your children get off to a good start to having healthy teeth. Although, as most parents will attest, children like to think that they know best, this is rarely the case. This applies even to dental

Knowing Your Teeth

components of a tooth illustrated

Looking at the main components of a healthy tooth. On the surface of it, our teeth appear to be a solid block of hard material which is consistent throughout. This is not the case though, and a tooth consists of