Month: April 2015

Taking Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

Smile Dental Practice offer friendly dental care for children in Bromley, Kent. As a parent, we hope that our children grow up to have a fulfilling and healthy life. Of course, this does not happen on its own, and whilst

The Role of the Endodontist

Smile Dental Practice Bromley

Specialist endodontic care available at our Bromley dental practice. The word ‘endodontist’ originates from ancient Greece and is comprised of two words; ‘endo’ meaning ‘inside’ and ‘odont’ meaning ‘tooth. As can be surmised from that, an endodontist specialises in issues

Dental Implant Aftercare

The care of your dental implants continues long after their placement. Dental implants are a well respected and increasingly popular health innovation. For years, dentures or possibly a dental bridge, have been the only available options to replace missing teeth.

Fast Working Adult Orthodontic Braces

The use of the Inman Aligner at The Smile Dental Practice in Bromley. Whilst Invisalign is one of the better known brands of modern orthodontics, largely due to near invisibility and practicalities; it is not the only orthodontic system that