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Do you or your loved ones have a fear of the dentist?

Last week I was contacted over the phone and by email from several patients who are not comfortable seeing a dentist. Because this happened no fewer than six times, I have decided to write something regarding the common fear people have of the Dentist.

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Capping a tooth for strength and appearance

Smile Dental Practice Bromley

A look at both the practical and cosmetic role of dental crowns. The dental crown is a well established procedure that is in common use at dental practices across the world. It can be used to improve both the strength

Is Private Dental Care Expensive?

Spreading the cost of cosmetic dental procedures with our monthly payment plan. With the wide range of cosmetic dental procedures now available, it is not reasonable to think that these could be paid for on the NHS. To do so,

Looking For An NHS Dentist in Bromley?

The Smile Dental Practice offers private, Denplan and NHS dental care. At our Bromley dental practice, we see a variety of patients from many different parts of the local area and society. Their needs differ from person to person too,

Breaking a Tooth

Smile Dental Practice Bromley

Causes and Dental Restoration Options. A tooth can break for any number of reasons, often associated with teeth that have been weakened and compromised through poor oral care. A tooth that is weakened through decay, for example, is more prone

The Dental Implant Procedure – Q&A

Our Bromley dentist answers your implant questions. Over the years, we’ve  understandably had lots of questions asked about dental implants, so, hopefully as a handy guide, we thought we would start 2016 with a look at some of the more

Dental New Year Resolutions

Our Bromley dentist suggests a few ideas for better oral health in 2016. Within a few days, most of us will be sitting down to eat far more than we usually do, and probably over indulging in drink and ‘unhealthy’

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

Prompt action can be the key to saving a damaged tooth. A dental emergency can strike for any given number of reasons. Generally speaking though, it will be the result of a toothache caused by decay or an underlying problem

Knowing Your Teeth

components of a tooth illustrated

Looking at the main components of a healthy tooth. On the surface of it, our teeth appear to be a solid block of hard material which is consistent throughout. This is not the case though, and a tooth consists of

Restorative Dentistry

Local dentist

How we help our Bromley patients when things go wrong. Over the past few weeks, we have written a number of blogs about preventative dental care on the Smile Dental Practice blog. Whilst we do feel that this is the