Month: March 2015

Oral Health – Caring for the Whole Mouth

How our oral health regimen affects more than just our teeth. When we think of the dentist, we tend to think of someone who helps to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Whilst this is, quite obviously, an important role,

The Cost of a Smile

Taking advantage of our dental plan to give you a great smile. Although most of us would probably like to bury our head in the sand and pretend that money isn’t an issue; the fact is that few of us

Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

Smile Dental Practice Bromley

Our Bromley dentist debunks the myths surrounding this procedure. If you had to nominate a single dental procedure as the one most to be feared, it is probably likely that you would say a root canal procedure. Over the years,

Dental Implants Compared To Bridges

A look at two popular teeth replacement procedures. If you went onto the streets of Bromley and asked people, at random, to name the most popular tooth replacement procedure, it is likely that the majority would say dentures. This is