Month: January 2015

Looking Good, Feeling Good

Why more people from Bromley are investigating cosmetic dentistry. Until relatively recently, many people probably considered cosmetic dental treatments to be for the rich and famous only. We have all become accustomed to seeing Hollywood stars and other celebrities posing

Modern Dental Implants

An increasingly popular alternative to dentures for our Bromley patients. We have been placing dental implants at our Bromley dentist since 2009 and have had many patients come back to us saying how delighted they were with the results. It

Invisalign Adult Orthodontics

Why patients of The Smile Dental Practice of Bromley are turning to discreet orthodontics. Many of us will probably have been told, when younger, that we needed to have dental braces fitted to correct our uneven teeth. For a teenager

Why Use Smile Dental Practice?

Looking for a new dentist in Bromley? Whether you have been living locally for a number of years, with a regular dentist, or perhaps have recently moved here and are looking for one; Smile Dental Practice of Bromley are here