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15 Facts about Invisalign

At this point I am sure that you have already heard about Invisalign or you might even know someone who had this treatment, or you even visited one of our Invisalign open days. Whatever the answer is, I thought it

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Is Amalgam a Thing of the Past?

A look at the alternatives to amalgam dental fillings. Going throughout life without so much as a filling is very rare. Whilst some of this may be determined by genetics, much of it depends both on our diet and our

What is a Smile Makeover?

Improving your smile can offer some surprising benefits. It is commonly accepted that two of the first things that people notice about us when we meet for the first time are our eyes and our smile. A quick glance at

Zoom! – Whiter Teeth for our Bromley Patients

Yellow or discoloured teeth can be a thing of the past with this fast acting procedure. It is a fact, that as we get older, our teeth are no longer as white as they used to be. This can be

Looking Good, Feeling Good

Why more people from Bromley are investigating cosmetic dentistry. Until relatively recently, many people probably considered cosmetic dental treatments to be for the rich and famous only. We have all become accustomed to seeing Hollywood stars and other celebrities posing