What is a Smile Makeover?

Improving your smile can offer some surprising benefits.

It is commonly accepted that two of the first things that people notice about us when we meet for the first time are our eyes and our smile. A quick glance at both of these helps to give us an instant indication of what type of person the other might be.

Of course, time may change this perception for the better or worse, but, unless we make a good first impression, we may never have the chance to prove ourselves. This is especially applicable in situations where a person might be looking for work, or, perhaps, for a partner.

Smile and …..

There is a common saying that if we smile, it encourages others to do so as well and helps to create a more pleasant environment. Smiling though, may not come naturally to us if we feel ashamed or embarrassed about our teeth.

This is where a smile makeover comes in…..

Whilst some people believe that a smile makeover is a specific procedure, nothing could be further from the truth and depends entirely on the needs and expectations of each individual patient. At the Smile Dental Practice in Bromley, we have created a smile makeover system for many of our patients.

For those with generally healthy and evenly positioned teeth, there is often very little to do to improve the smile. The most common procedure to give this person a smile boost though is to whiten their teeth. This simple procedure can add a finishing touch to an already pleasant smile.

Veneers and implants

Others though, may not be so fortunate and may need more extensive work on their teeth to give them a smile that they can be proud of. Missing teeth are obviously a ‘no no’, especially if they are missing from the front where they will be easily noticed.

Whilst dentures can be used to fill this space, more and more of our Bromley dental patients are opting to have dental implants placed. These offer a long lasting and very strong alternative to dentures, which some find problematic.

Badly stained teeth that would not get the full benefit from a whitening procedure can be fitted with dental veneers to create a new fascia for the teeth, restoring their appearance in a simple procedure. Even crooked teeth can be straightened using the likes of Invisalign and other adult orthodontic braces.

So, why be ashamed or embarrassed by your smile and limit your chances of attracting new and important people into your life?

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