Oral Health and Invisalign Orthodontics

Keeping teeth and gums healthy whilst using modern teeth straightening methods.

Whilst there is an accepted risk of a higher incidence of dental decay and gum disease when wearing traditional braces; less has perhaps been said about modern types of cosmetic orthodontics such as Invisalign.

Because this system uses a different method altogether, does that mean that we can be less concerned with possible oral health problems that can occur when wearing a dental brace?

Traditional braces

Also known as ‘train track’ braces, these use a system of wires and brackets to correct the position of the teeth. This is an effective method, but does mean that food can become easily trapped in the braces. Removing this food debris can be both difficult and time consuming, and, if not done effectively, may result in decay or gum problems.

With the system of trays used by clear aligners such as Invisalign though, is this still a problem?


Invisalign does offer many benefits, such as discreet wearing, for our Bromley dental patients, and is arguably better for our oral health if used correctly. It is important, when having Invisalign braces fitted at the Smile Dental Practice, to listen the the advice of our experienced cosmetic dentists who will advise you of the best way of caring for your teeth whilst using them. Essentially, Invisalign should be removed when eating as this lessens the chances, quite significantly, of getting food trapped, as might be the case with conventional braces.

This does not mean that we can ignore this altogether though and we should ensure that our teeth are still cleaned regularly, and preferably before putting the braces back over our teeth. If we fail to do this, once again, food may become trapped.

The trays too should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to prevent any bacteria from becoming trapped and affecting our gums.

Eating socially

When eating at home, this routine is not difficult to follow, but we appreciate that there may be occasions when you are eating out and may not be able to clean your teeth at that time. In situations such as this, we suggest that, rather than replacing the trays over the teeth, immediately, you make your excuses to visit the bathroom, where you can at least swill your mouth with water and rinse the trays.

Whilst this is not perfect, it will help to, at least, remove some of the food and any bacteria until such time that you can clean them properly. With patience and a reasonable amount of care, you should be able to have an even set of teeth, once the treatment period is complete, without the complications of other oral health problems.

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