The Risk Of Cheap Dental Implants

Why taking up overseas based ‘special offers’ for dental implants could be a mistake.

Anyone who is considering a dental implant procedure and has done some research on the internet, can’t but have failed to notice a large number of advertisements for ‘cheap dental implants’ abroad. Looking further into this, you may have found a difference in prices between these dental practices and those in the UK.

There are a number of reasons for this. Some, such as a lower cost of living, are genuine and valid. However, others may well have a negative impact on the outcome of the procedure.


To be able to place dental implants in the UK, a lengthy additional training period is needed. This is necessary to bring dentists up to the standards required by the governing bodies in the UK. All of our implant dentists at the Smile Dental Practice are qualified and experienced; however, this may well not be the case in other countries where different standards apply and where it is also more difficult to check. Any reduction in training and standards could help to reduce prices, but the risk to the patient would be that much higher.

Poor quality implants

One of the key factors that must be present for a successful implant procedure is that the implants themselves should be made from titanium and be of a high quality. Unfortunately, titanium is a very expensive material but cheaper procedures can be offered simply by choosing lower-specification implants which may be mixed with other metals. Titanium is recognised as the best material to fuse effectively with the bone and anything else may mean that the implants are less stable and may well fail.

In addition to these two key risks associated with having your implants placed abroad, there are other factors which patients may wish to consider. Language barriers, for example, could mean that the procedure is more stressful than it should be, and also, should anything go wrong following their placement, would you really want to travel a long way to have it rectified? Possibly by the person who may have created the problem in the first instance?

Although implants are not cheap, the dental finance plans that we offer at the Smile Dental Practice mean that our patients are able to spread the payment over a period of time. Our dentists are also always on hand for our patients, should they have any concerns or questions either prior to, or following the implant placement.

Our considered advice is that risking cheap dental implants simply isn’t worth it – and you may well end up paying a lot more in the long run. To talk more about you local dental implant options in Bromley, please call us today on 020 84622473.