Month: August 2015

Problems with Eating Whilst Wearing Dental Braces

Having teeth straightened used to be inconvenient .. not any more. Having teeth straightened using traditional metal braces can be problematic for some patients. There is the issue of having a ‘mouth full of metal’ when you smile, plus the

Dental Implants and Nervous Patients

Are dental implants a ‘no go’ area for anxious dental patients? It is generally acknowledged that around one in four people suffer, to some degree, from anxiety when a visit to the dentist is imminent. For some of these people,

Suffering from Sore Gums?

Sore gums could be early warnings of something more serious. As tiny babies, even the slightest scratch is likely to set us off in floods of tears, seeking cuddles from our parents. As we grow up though, we learn to

Facial Aesthetics

Reducing ageing lines with our Bromley cosmetic team. Although we are a long established dental practice, known for its excellent care of our patient’s oral health; fewer people in the Bromley area perhaps also know that we are able to