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15 Facts about Invisalign

At this point I am sure that you have already heard about Invisalign or you might even know someone who had this treatment, or you even visited one of our Invisalign open days. Whatever the answer is, I thought it

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Free Invisalign Consultation in Bromley

I caught up with my friend recently, who just finished her Invisalign treatment. We were both admiring her new smile and a massive change in her confidence. But it wasn’t always like that. The story If I go back for

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Fast Working Adult Orthodontic Braces

The use of the Inman Aligner at The Smile Dental Practice in Bromley. Whilst Invisalign is one of the better known brands of modern orthodontics, largely due to near invisibility and practicalities; it is not the only orthodontic system that

Invisalign Adult Orthodontics

Why patients of The Smile Dental Practice of Bromley are turning to discreet orthodontics. Many of us will probably have been told, when younger, that we needed to have dental braces fitted to correct our uneven teeth. For a teenager