Fast Working Adult Orthodontic Braces

The use of the Inman Aligner at The Smile Dental Practice in Bromley.

Whilst Invisalign is one of the better known brands of modern orthodontics, largely due to near invisibility and practicalities; it is not the only orthodontic system that is effective at straightening the teeth.

In fact, for those who are prepared to fore-go a little discretion, others, such as the Inman Aligner, can offer a much faster acting alternative.

It should be noted that whilst there are a wide variety of modern orthodontics available, some are more suitable for certain circumstances and the advice of an experienced cosmetic dentist should be sought.

Inman Aligner

Having mentioned the Inman Aligner, it is worth taking a look at this fast acting orthodontic which we provide at our Bromley dental surgery.

The Inman Aligner is ideal in cases where teeth are not too crooked or uneven and in cases like this, the use of other well known brands of orthodontics would perhaps be overkill.

Using a system of springs, gentle pressure is put on the teeth that are out of place to encourage them back to the correct position. Unlike many other systems, the use of the Inman Aligner enables just these teeth to be targeted rather than including the surrounding teeth too.

The procedure

Prior to fitting the aligner, an examination and x rays  will take place at the Smile Dental Practice. This ensures that a) Inman Aligners are the best option for your situation and b) to determine which teeth the aligner needs to work on to restore your teeth to an even state.

Once the aligner has been prepared and we have shown you how to fit it, it should be worn for at least sixteen hours a day to ensure its effectiveness.

Whilst this method may not offer the convenience of Invisalign perhaps, this is negated to a large degree by the fact that it usually takes only between six to sixteen weeks to work; a period of time much shorter than most other modern adult orthodontics.

In order to fully benefit from the appearance of their newly straightened teeth, many of our Bromley dental patients also take up the option to have their teeth whitened at Smile Dental.

This combination of straighter and whiter teeth will almost certainly give you the confidence to smile and be proud of your teeth once more.

To discuss either teeth straightening procedures or tooth whitening, please call the Smile Dental Practice of Bromley on 020 8462 2473 today.