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Invisalign case before and after

I caught up with my friend recently, who just finished her Invisalign treatment. We were both admiring her new smile and a massive change in her confidence. But it wasn’t always like that.

The story

If I go back for a year, we were at my friend’s house when I start talking about my work and what we can do in our practice. There are so many things that dentistry can do, even the simple ones, and it always surprises me how people don’t know about it. I am passionate about few things in my life, writing, photography, and dentistry. There is no surprise that I talk about these things a lot, in my private life and at work.

So, I was talking about closing a gap that she had with a small denture, very discreet one, reasonable price. I was saying, even young people are wearing dentures and its nothing wrong with it, this is true. So why not close her gap? Mind you, I noticed that she is very aware of her smile. For example, she would smile less or even cover her mouth with her hand.

And she started laughing, covering her mouth. I was happy because she did not feel offended by my suggestion, but it wasn’t really funny. She explained that she does have a tooth in her mouth and it’s not missing. You can only guess what happened next right? Exactly, I took my phone and used the light to see in her mouth, to see the “missing” tooth. Well, it wasn’t missing for sure, I could see it clearly with my own eyes. I was so happy for her and ask her if she heard about Invisalign? 🙂

Second time in the same day, I explained about another thing that we can do in our practice. I said to her honestly, that Invisalign is clear braces, they like to advertise them as invisible, but we rather called them clear. They are made to fit around adult lifestyle and they are removable. I told her that she has to be committed to wearing them at least 20 to 22 hours a day. She has to take them out when eating and can drink only water with it. She said it doesn’t really matter because she is not suitable for braces and it can’t be fixed. Which is to be honest always a possibility. I said that is fair enough, but did she ever consider to get the second opinion and why not to come and see us. I told her where to book for free Invisalign consultation and she did it.

She booked an appointment with our principle dentist Dr O Dadashian and the rest was history.


Why am I telling you this story, because you never know? You might be walking around with something that is bothering you for years and you always wondered is it possible to be fixed? I always tell to my friends and all our patients because I just simply care, if there is something that you don’t like about your smile or teeth, if you are thinking about it or you are just aware of it, it does need attention. I am not talking about treatment at this stage, but just attention of an  expert such as the dentist. If you think about your mouth and teeth, you need them not only for eating but also for smiling, for your confidence and for a better quality of life. Maybe Invisalign is not the best straightening option for you, which is fine, but why don’t you just check? If one dentist says no, maybe the second one will say yes. We are all different and unique, dentists, patients, nurses and receptionists. We all have different opinions and our own capabilities. It’s your mouth and your choice, that’s all that I want you to remember.

Do you have a question about Invisalign braces in Bromley? Please feel free give us a call 020 8462 2474 or drop us an email or comment here, whatever suits you. We are here to talk and to give you options to invest in yourself.

How to book for free Invisalign consultation?

Call our practice or even better, why don’t you join us for our Invisalign open day on Saturday 23rd of June? On that day you will be entitled to:

  1. a free consultation
  2. a 3D animation of your teeth before and after treatment
  3. whitening at the end of the treatment
  4. removable retainer
  5. all of this for only £3000


Best wishes.

Jasmina Haskovic

CQC Registered Practice manager at

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