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The Risk Of Cheap Dental Implants

Why taking up overseas based ‘special offers’ for dental implants could be a mistake. Anyone who is considering a dental implant procedure and has done some research on the internet, can’t but have failed to notice a large number of

At What Age Can You Have Dental Implants?

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Are there any lower age restrictions for the placing of dental implants? With dental implants becoming more and more established in people’s minds as the best solution for replacing missing teeth, it is not surprising that many younger people have

Dental Implants and Nervous Patients

Are dental implants a ‘no go’ area for anxious dental patients? It is generally acknowledged that around one in four people suffer, to some degree, from anxiety when a visit to the dentist is imminent. For some of these people,

Dental Implant Aftercare

The care of your dental implants continues long after their placement. Dental implants are a well respected and increasingly popular health innovation. For years, dentures or possibly a dental bridge, have been the only available options to replace missing teeth.

Modern Dental Implants

An increasingly popular alternative to dentures for our Bromley patients. We have been placing dental implants at our Bromley dentist since 2009 and have had many patients come back to us saying how delighted they were with the results. It