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Bruxism or Teeth Grinding

Our Bromley dentist discusses how bruxism can impact your teeth and what can be done about it. Many of us grind our teeth, often without even knowing it. The fact is that this most often occurs whilst we are asleep

Eight Ways to Ruin Your Teeth

Smile Dental Practice Bromley

A ‘what not to do’ guide for our Bromley patients. We have written quite a few blog posts on the Smile Dental Practice website and understandably, most of these have been how to take care of your oral health, along

Can Flossing Actually be Bad for Your Gums?

Newspaper article claims that flossing is not as effective as thought. A newspaper article referenced in the Daily Mail today (1), written by a professor of dental sciences at Newcastle University, suggests that using dental floss may actually be harmful

Maintaining Good Dental Health with Denplan

Monthly dental plans available at our Bromley dental practice. At the Smile Dental Practice in Bromley, we acknowledge that paying for dental care can be a cause of concern for some people. Even those on higher incomes may prefer to

How the ‘Student Life’ Might Affect your Oral Health

Late night partying and other aspects of student life can affect your teeth. Whilst we respect the fact that not all students will live the stereotypical life often associated with them, such as late night parties and heavy drinking, the

Tooth Extraction and Aftercare in Bromley

When prognosis is poor, an extraction may be the best solution. There are a number of reasons that a tooth might need to be extracted. In younger patients it may simply be that the mouth is overcrowded and some teeth

Suffering from Sore Gums?

Sore gums could be early warnings of something more serious. As tiny babies, even the slightest scratch is likely to set us off in floods of tears, seeking cuddles from our parents. As we grow up though, we learn to

Oral Health Protection – A Shared Responsibility

Looking at the roles of patient and dentist in oral health care. Although our teeth take up quite a small part of our body; when toothache strikes, it seems to consume our every thought and blocking it out is almost

Smoking – A Cause for Concern

How the smoking habit can play havoc with your oral health. Although long term information and advice to help people stop smoking has had a positive effect, with less people now smoking; it hasn’t been entirely successful. Although less so

DIY Dentistry – Don’t Do It!

Why you simply should not ‘try this at home’! Individual cases of DIY dentistry have made the news recently. This is a worrying trend which does appear largely to be in areas where dental care is harder to find. This