Dental New Year Resolutions

Our Bromley dentist suggests a few ideas for better oral health in 2016.

Within a few days, most of us will be sitting down to eat far more than we usually do, and probably over indulging in drink and ‘unhealthy’ food. There is little point in trying to challenge this status quo; most of us know we will fail if we do.

The period just between Christmas and the New Year though, does give us some breathing space for reflection, and we can use this time wisely to look at ways that we can improve ourselves, and our health, including, of course, our oral health.

To this end, we offer below, a few suggestions that you might like to add to your 2016 resolutions list:

1)    Reduce sugar intake. This is one of the biggest things you can do to improve all aspects of your health, but in particular your oral health. Excess sugar intake will lead to dental decay as the bacteria that feed on sugar eat away at the protective enamel of your teeth, exposing the vulnerable inner part.

2)    Stop smoking – Smoking may lead to not only more gum disease but also, potentially, oral cancers. You know it is dangerous – stop doing it

3)    Drink less alcohol and more water – Alcohol dehydrates the body and reduces saliva flow. This reduction in saliva flow means that both food debris and the bad bacteria in the mouth are not washed away so easily, leading to an increased risk of gingivitis. Bad breath is also a common side effect of having dry mouth syndrome. Drinking more water will help to reverse this and help your body generally flush away toxins.

4)    Start flossing – Yes, we know you may find it difficult or easy to forget to do, but it really is a simple thing that can prove to be a major benefit to your teeth and gums. By flossing, food particles and bacteria can be removed from between the teeth where brushing does not reach

5)    New toothbrush – If your toothbrush is over three months old, throw it away and buy a new one. This should be done every three months to ensure that your brushing is efficient.

6)    Book a check up – If you live in the Bromley area and have not seen a dentist for a while, start the new year with a check up appointment at the Smile Dental Practice. Regular professional oral health checks are an integral part of your oral health care and should not be ignored.

Just by sticking to these six simple dental health new year resolutions, you will find that your teeth remain healthy for longer and that any incidences of gum disease should be minor and easily treated, or possibly even reversed with just a simple improvement to your personal care regimen.

Start off 2016 with a healthy approach to your teeth and gums by calling the Smile Dental Practice on 020 8462 2473.