Is Private Dental Care Expensive?

Spreading the cost of cosmetic dental procedures with our monthly payment plan.

With the wide range of cosmetic dental procedures now available, it is not reasonable to think that these could be paid for on the NHS. To do so, would mean significant increases in taxes which would almost certainly not be accepted by the electorate.

NHS dental care, which we also provide at the Smile Dental Practice, was, and still is, designed to ensure that everybody has affordable access to essential dental care. This covers the ‘basics’ such as check ups, x-rays, fillings, extractions and some restorative procedures. What it does not cover, essentially, are procedures that can be classed as ‘cosmetic’.

Cosmetic dentistry

Whilst essential dental care will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy, providing that care is taken to brush and floss regularly, of course; cosmetic dentistry is provided to help patients who wish to have more attractive teeth and also to improve their smiles. One procedure, dental implants, also acts as an excellent alternative to other teeth replacement methods such as dentures and bridges, offering not only aesthetic benefits but health ones too, in that they prevent jawbone loss following extraction, or natural tooth loss. In addition, they are much better for dealing with “sticky” or tougher foodstuffs than traditional dentures and bridges.

The majority of cosmetic dental procedures we provide at our Bromley dental practice, in particular teeth whitening and dental veneers, do fall almost entirely into the aesthetic benefits category all together. The cost of these procedures do vary, and, whilst teeth whitening is affordable for most, procedures such as dental implants are more costly and, therefore, a patient friendly payment method is provided to avoid pulling too hard at the purse strings!

Payment plans

Whilst we offer Denplan at the Smile Dental Practice, this is designed to cover more general dentistry and does not cover cosmetic procedures. Especially if you are considering a more costly treatment such as dental implants, you may wish to take advantage of our 0% finance plans. These plans are designed with our patients in mind, to allow them to receive the treatment that they need to create a healthy and attractive smile without breaking the bank. Many patients from the Bromley area have benefited from our payment plan over the years and we invite you to participate too!

As long as you are eighteen or over, you can apply to take part in this payment scheme, whether an established or new patient of the Smile Dental Practice.

If you have always wanted to have a more attractive smile and have been concerned about the cost, why not talk to us about our cosmetic treatments which can be paid for using this scheme. Please call us today on 020 8462 2473.