Using a Crown to Restore a Damaged Tooth

When a damaged tooth requires more than a simple filling, a dental crown may be the answer.

At the Smile Dental Practice in Bromley, we endeavour to practice minimally invasive dentistry whenever possible. Essentially, this means that we will only work on a tooth to the minimum extent required, leaving as much of the natural tooth as is possible, given the problem with the tooth.

For most patients, this means that a small filling may be needed where tooth decay is indicated, with the enamel of the tooth left as intact as possible.


These small fillings though, may not be feasible when the damage is more severe. Where extensive tooth decay has occurred or teeth have been broken, perhaps in an accident, something more may be required to preserve the tooth. In some cases, an onlay or inlay may be feasible, but, especially where a tooth has been broken, a likely solution is to restore using a dental crown.


A dental crown is a tooth shaped piece of ceramic or porcelain. Made to appear very realistic in a dental laboratory, they can also be made to match the colour of the remaining natural teeth.

To attach a crown, the decayed or badly damaged tooth first has to be prepared and shaped so that the crown will bond efficiently when attached. Impressions will then be taken of the prepared tooth and sent to the laboratory for the crown to be prepared. This can take a week or so, and, during this time, a temporary crown will be fitted to protect the tooth.

When the final crown has been prepared, patients will be invited back to visit your local Bromley dentist who will first remove the temporary crown and then attach the new crown using a very strong dental cement.


Whilst the crown itself can not suffer from decay or other problems that a natural tooth can; it is important to remember that the natural remaining part of the tooth can.

As well as dental decay and damage to the enamel of the remaining tooth, gum disease is still a possibility and a good cleaning routine should be maintained. Any further damage to the natural part of the tooth could threaten the strength and integrity of the newly attached crown. Because we use only high quality dental crowns, these can be expected to last for many years, given reasonable care.

For more information about dental crowns or other general dental information, please call the Smile Dental Practice on 020 8462 2473.